The Top 7 Best Squirrel Proof Feeders Reviewed and Ranked

Here is the rundown of the absolute best squirrel evidence fledgling feeders that you can get for your terrace, the measurements just as how much (and what sorts of seeds) are referenced in the details so in case you’re searching for something explicit, you can know whether that particular winged creature feeder will address your issues or not.

Funny Yankees Yankee Flipper


Holds up to 5 lbs/2.27 kg of feathered creature feed and disseminates the seeds through 4 nourishing ports.

Measurements: 5″ x 8.5″ x 28.5″

Mechanized roost ring turns activated by the heaviness of the squirrel bouncing on the roosts.

Battery worked and incorporates an AC/DC connector

The cylinder is produced using UV and it’s reasonable, which tells you when the flying creature seeds run out!

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The Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper is an extraordinary squirrel evidence winged creature feeder that wards irritating squirrels off. It’s intriguing (and sort of amusing) to watch the squirrels turning around the winged animal feeder. When the squirrels mount the feeder, the wheel will begin turning. Try not to stress, the turning wheel won’t hurt the squirrels, it just gets them far from eating the winged creature seeds. The cylinder feeder, which quantifies around 17-inch/43 cm, makes the squirrels slip and keeps them from benefiting from the flying creature feeder.

This is a magnificent squirrel confirmation feathered creature feeder for the worth and the lifetime guarantee that is given after buying this item! This winged animal feeder works with a wide range of feathered creatures just as greater fowls yet won’t offer access to squirrels. The body of this squirrel verification winged animal feeder is safe against chipping and keeps squirrels from crunching and biting on the flying creature feeder.

The huge limit of 5 lbs/2.27 kg will keep your winged creature seeds remaining new and enduring longer! This specific model is intended to last numerous years. The UV clear sustaining cylinder won’t stain or break after some time, even through troublesome climate. The fledgling feeder is anything but difficult to clean and can be loaded up with a wide range of seeds, however it works best with dark oil sunflower seeds (which all flying creatures love). The squirrel confirmation feathered creature feeder can be hung by the wires!

The four sustaining chambers make an unwinding and charming encouraging experience just plain silly. The heaviness of the squirrels sets off the engine that is associated with the roost ring which takes the squirrels on a little fun ride before they fall on the floor. In any case, heavier winged creatures can encourage themselves uninhibitedly in the event that you set it in like manner. The woodland green shade of the winged animal feeder praises the appearance of numerous terraces!

Here’s a short video of the squirrels going on a fun little ride when they attempt to bounce on the Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder!


One of the most engaging to watch squirrel evidence fledgling feeders that don’t make any damage the squirrels. Some tenacious squirrels will continue attempting, yet most won’t.

Lifetime guarantee for the feeder; simple to perfect and safe in all climates

Holds 5 lbs/2.27 kg of seeds with 4 encouraging ports which gives abundant fledgling seeds to the meeting fowls

100% squirrel evidence: the seed tube is tall, and the squirrels slide down the seed ports and the top is unreasonably substantial for the squirrels to lift up!


This isn’t especially a con yet realize that this kind of feathered creature feeder must be hung! Along these lines, in the event that you are searching for a feeder that can be mounted on a shaft, this isn’t the correct one for you! Visit

I would likewise recommend to not utilize blended seeds on the grounds that the littler seeds like milo and millets can drop out of the nourishing openings. Or maybe, you can utilize sunflower seeds that won’t drop out of the feeder.

The second kind of squirrel verification fowl feeders has wire confines with bolstering ports that keep the squirrels from stuffing their fat cheeks with seeds.

This is a standout amongst other squirrel verification winged animal feeders with wire confines. It’s particularly viable for thorn/nyjer seeds that are a lot littler than customary seeds and can without much of a stretch drop out from normal winged animal feeders.